About Us

A World Class Classified Company

The management of EZEETECH have a combined knowledge of sales and distribution of financial services and telecom products, call centre and database management experience, banking and administrative service, sound software and technology support and hence qualified to aggressively pursue this initiative to lend digital support to entrepreneurs. EZEETECH has devised a unique model which is a combination of automation and human interface and saves valuable time for start ups in launching themselves into the competitive world.

It is well known that in the recent years there has been a growing impetus to "Make in India". It is also undeniable that MMSMEs [Mini Micro Small & Medium Enterprises] would be the major performers in the near future. With the exponential advancement in digitization, and increasing access of all businesses and ability to transact through mobile phones, there is an immediate need to offer a ready platform for the MMSMEs. This would ensure a transition towards self sustenance and prosperity for micro, small, tiny mini or medium scale enterprises on their path to prosperity.

The MMSME [Mini Micro Small & Medium Industries] need to be more visible online, with their products, services and features ensuring better Business to Business and Business to Customer connectivity. Further, such connectivity if made available through mobile devices promise to spiral real time transactions to the next level. Such exhaustive digital presence of up and coming industries would make an aggressive and competitive market place.

Here is where "EZEETECH" the unique digital platform provider has a solution to allow MMSMEs to leap seamlessly into the digital world.

The following services are proposed to be offered in one portal by way of a one stop solution supported by a solid web management system;

  •  Listing of the businesses under categories and sub categories to be made available through search engines such as google through a mobile app;
  •  Location of MMSMEs to be mapped;
  •  Simple exclusive Domain offered;
  •  Simple but exclusive template for website for each business offered;
  •  Social media presence, linked to search engines and optimization
  •  Online payment/merchant site support;
  •  Assistance with marketing campaigns
  •  Micro finance
  •  Logistic support and Miscellaneous forms of assistance

In short EZEETECH promises to be a "one stop digital solution" for small and tiny enterprises.